Thursday, June 13, 2019


Well, that's a wrap! THANK YOU to all who participated in a successful 2019 Humboldt Fastpitch Softball season! Thank you to the many volunteers who help to operate this organization. It truly takes a village! From parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends who transport to and from practices and games, spectate and positively cheer on our young ladies, to coaches and umpires who work hard on the field, to equipment and field managers to make sure the teams are equipped and the fields ready to go, to spirit wear coordinators for awesome looking swag, to snack bar coordinators and staff who work diligently behind hot barbecues, to regional representatives who manage their territories and all that their areas require, and to board members who oversee the whole kit and kaboodle, THANK YOU on behalf of local girls softball in Humboldt County! We appreciate you! 

We also want to offer one more huge shout out to the nearly 400 girls that participate in Humboldt Fastpitch for their hard work, can do attitudes, and many, many examples of positive sportsmanship displayed during what turned out to be a truly epic season!  The life lessons learned, new and lasting relationships formed, and sense of community gained during your county-wide program's season far outweigh any game scores, win/loss records, and personal stats...  you are all winners!   

That said, we also want to congratulate the 2019 End-of-Season Tournament Champs.  Nice job girls!   
10U Edge - Team Coleman

12U Fire - Team J. Brown

14/16U Edge - Team Johnson


Friday, May 3, 2019

Opening Tourney Time !!!

As we move into tournament weekend just a few things to remember...
First, winning is nice but in the end these are just kids who love to play. The memory of the experience usually lasts far longer than the glory of the win. Let’s make it a positive learning experience for the girls! 
Second, please help to keep dug outs, bleachers, and parks cleaner than we found them. Please also feel free to hop on the fields in between games to groom and sweep them and maybe add a little chalk! This would be incredibly helpful for everyone! 
Third, umpires are a critical part of our organization and a valuable part of the game. It is a tough job and also very difficult to find personnel willing to be an umpire. Please remember they are human too!
Fourth, check pool play and bracketing online periodically. They are subject to change. 16u SINGLE ELIM has changed some. Please note changes. 
Finally, your ALL VOLUNTEER organization involves working countless hours across the county to provide what we hope is a quality experience for your young ladies. Consider not only asking a volunteer which includes our board members, our snack bar and spirit wear personnel, and our coaches if they need anything...little things definitely matter even if it’s just a simple THANK YOU. Those small simple words mean so much and keep us going even when the tank is empty! 
Otherwise, let’s have a fantastic weekend of softball!  Thank you!
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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Summer Travel Ball

2019 MIST.jpg

Loving your recreational softball season so far?? Maybe looking for more?? The Mad River Girls Fastpitch Softball Association hosts summer travel softball!
Mad River MIST is looking for dedicated, hard working young ladies who love the sport and want to up their game! Come checkout Mad River MIST and continue your playing season into summer! Information below

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Jamboree and Pictures

So many thank you's to everyone who made our Saturday South and Sunday North Jamboree and Pictures happen!  It truly takes a village and I am so grateful to mine who continually steps up and adjusts as elements and things out of our control get sent our way!  Special thanks to Parky's Pics for being a part of our league and processing two days of pictures for our 400 softball players and their families across the county!  Lotus Mountain for continually designing kick ass sweatshirts year after year after year!  And, to Josh Miraglia, South County Regional Rep who oversaw all the details of the South Saturday event as well as to Ray Turner, North County Regional Rep, who oversaw all the details of the Northern Sunday event today.  All were supported by various volunteers around the county including Mike and Rachel Minton, Equipment and Uniform Coordinators respectively, Shanna McCracken, Graphic Designer, for designing and processing the uniforms with the information she had from registration, Field Crews including Casey Box, Bob Pinard, Joe Brown, Ivan Driggs, and Pete Bartoo as well as Raffle Coordinator Jen Pinard!  This also includes many of you, parents, coaches and players alike, who jumped in and helped also!  You are very much appreciated!  

With that being said, you will find attached the much awaited schedule for April to Opening Tournament.  It is a multi-page document with the Master Schedule first and then the various age brackets broken down respectively.  The remainder of the schedule is pending interleague play with Redwood Fastpitch and once both boards approve the proposed scheduled games we will be happy to release the remainder of the schedule!   

Thank you for choosing Humboldt Fastpitch!  We look forward to seeing your young ladies play ball!  

Kelly Helms, President

Friday, March 29, 2019

Season Update!

Well, it has taken us a bit BUT we have placed 372 young ladies across the county to play Humboldt Fastpitch Softball ranging from Inland areas like Hoopa and Willow Creek, over to the Coast in McKinleyville and Arcata and running south through Ferndale, Fortuna, and Southern Humboldt! 🎉

It is no easy feat and takes many volunteers from all regions of the county!  We are always looking for help so if you are interested in jumping in please let your regional rep know!  👍  Regional Reps are as follows:

Hoopa - Shelly Middleton
Willow Creek - Kevin Brown

McKinleyville - Ray Turner
Arcata - VACANT

Ferndale - VACANT
Fortuna - Josh Miraglia

Far South
So Hum - Lupe Balajadia

Jamboree Schedule:

Picture Info