Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Finale Tournament Brackets Posted

Who is Ready for Finale Tourney??  We are!  Although we are sad for the end of the season!  As quickly as it came, it left!

The Pool Play information is as follows:

12u = https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0mYBYf2ysZHbHIwbEZhLThMR00/view?usp=sharing

Sunday Single Elimination Brackets still pending...

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tobacco Free Sports Policy

In all the hustle and bustle of volunteers working long hours, nights, and weekends to provide the best possible, positive recreational softball experience for young ladies in Humboldt County, we sometimes fail to share and/or emphasize important policies that have been adopted by the Board in past years.  Although aspects of the Mad River Organization's  "tobacco-free" policy are reflected in its parent/player and  coaches code of conduct, we felt it important to "re-share" this policy with the Humboldt Fastpitch community, to the benefit of its young athletes. We will again share this policy with the Humboldt County Department of Public Health with a request for "tobacco-free" signage to post at our various fields scattered across the county.  We appreciate league officials, umpires, coaches, and parents serving as quality role models to the League's young players, including fully embracing the intent of our Organization's "Tobacco-Free" Policy.  

Board of Directors
Mad River Girls Fastpitch Softball Association
     Humboldt Fastpitch (Recreation Division)
     Mad River Mist (Travel Ball Division)       

Subject:  Tobacco Free Sports Policy

Background: The Mad River Girls Fastpitch Association, Inc. (Association) is a not-for-profit, 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to the development of good citizenship, self-esteem, sportsmanship, and physical fitness within the youth of Humboldt County through participation in recreational and competitive softball.  Consistent with the health-related goals of the Association and because of the dangers of tobacco and the risk it poses to our youth, the Association supports a 100% Tobacco-Free Sports environment.

Adopted Policy: The Association’s Board of Directors, in conjunction with the Humboldt County Department of Public Health’s “Tobacco Free Humboldt” program, have adopted a 100% Tobacco Free Sports Policy in order to provide a healthy environment in which youth can learn and play fastpitch softball. This policy serves to educate coaches, umpires, and parents about the importance of being tobacco-free role models for young players. This policy is also meant to discourage players from using tobacco products and to promote healthy lifestyles. This policy, which will be in effect at all Association sponsored events regardless of location (includes schools, parks, and private venues), mandates the following:  

• All tobacco products are prohibited by all persons during games, practices, and all other Association-sponsored activities. Tobacco use is prohibited at softball fields, restrooms, concession stands, spectator seating areas, and event parking lots.

• Tobacco advertising is prohibited at all events and in publications produced by the Association to eliminate mixed messages that children receive through tobacco advertising at sporting events. 

• The sale of tobacco look alike candy is prohibited at all Association events. 

• Notice of this policy shall be given to all parents, coaches, and visitors. Any person smoking will be politely asked to stop and be reminded about the Association’s tobacco free policy.  A second violation will be addressed in a similar way by a league representative.  A third violation will result in the person smoking being asked to leave the field or event.    

• The Association will endeavor to post "Tobacco Free" signs or posters at all its sponsored events. 

• The Association supports the efforts of staff, volunteers, and players who are trying to quit or reduce their use of tobacco and endorses referrals to cessation services like California Smokers’ Helpline at 1 800 NO BUTTS.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Opening Tourney Brackets Posted

Opening Tournament Pool Play schedule is here! Please note that we have FAR FEWER facilities available than in the past due to the wet weather and ongoing field closures so we've had to be a bit creative this spring!  Click on the links below to bring up pool play brackets and game times.

8u Pool Play Bracket

10u Pool Play Bracket 

12u Pool Play Bracket

14/16u Pool Play Bracket 

Sunday Single Elimination Brackets are pending...  We've also posted links to tournament rules and Humboldt Fastpitch League rules below. 

Tournament Rules

Humboldt Fastpitch League Rules

Wishing you all the best in supporting our players, umpires, and communities in an exciting weekend of recreational fastpitch softball! 

Sunday, March 19, 2017


League Updates... To date we have 342 players registered!  A few important things:

  1. LATE REGISTRATION:  Closes Sunday, March 19th at midnight!  If you know players who still need to register, please encourage them to register ASAP!  Once late registration closes, any new interested players will be wait-listed unless openings are available on existing teams.  
    • March 19th:  Late Registration Ends
    • March 24th:  Teams Finalized
    • March 31st:  Coaches Meetings and Practices (hopefully) Begin!
    • April 3rd:  Practices Begin (weather willing)
    • April 17th - 21st:  Spring Break
    • April 24th - Soft Start to Games
    • April 29th/30th - Hit A Thon and Pictures
    • May 5-7:  Opening Tourney
    • June 9-11th:  Finale Tourney
    • Sweatshirts will be sold for $30 and can be customized for $5 per customization.  
    • To order, please click the link:  SWEATSHIRT ORDER LINK


Surprise! Pop Up SKILLS CLINIC at McKinleyville High School Sunday, March 26th, 2017! Clinic sessions include: Catching, Pitching, Hitting and Defense! Come join Mad River MIST Fastpitch Travel Staff for four separate clinic sessions! Presenters include Kelly Helms - Pitching! Debby K Brown Catching and Hitting Specialist and Shanna McCracken for Defense! See flyer for more details

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Late Registration OPEN THRU MARCH 19th

Please register ONLINE for the Humboldt Fastpitch Girls Fastpitch Association's 2017 Recreation Season prior to the close of the late registration period, which ends this Sunday, March 19th at midnight.  Please share this upcoming deadline with friends, former teammates, and neighbors so the Program's all volunteer staff can evenly distribute skills and abilities in forming team's, to set game schedules and book fields, and to solidify umpire needs for the 2017 season.  Thank to you all for helping to get the word out and for your continued participation and support! 
The Mad River/Humboldt Fastpitch Board  

Friday, February 17, 2017

Registration Closes March 4th !!!

If you have yet to register for the 2017 Humboldt Fastpitch Recreational Softball season, please do so now using the online registration system link posted on this web page!  Your early registration makes it possible for the Program's all-volunteer staff to assess player numbers, determine the number of teams by geographic region, reserve practice fields. establish practice schedules, and create and post games schedules in a timely manner.

Please help us get the word out that REGISTRATION CLOSES ON MARCH 4th, the day of Humboldt Fastpitch Assessments.  This year, assessments will be held at the Humboldt State University Field House. Please note that assessments are mandatory for all 10U and older age division players.  All players wishing to petition to play up in age divisions MUST attend!
Assessment times are as follows:
10u  = 10:30 a.m. 
12u = 11:30 a.m.
14-18u = 12:30 p.m.

Thank you!