Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sunday Elimination Brackets

Attached are the Sunday Elimination brackets.  Please review them carefully. 
Additionally, at tournament end, it is imperative that all Humboldt Fastpitch gear and uniforms are checked in at the appropriate check-in tables!  Humboldt Fastpitch players should consider wearing a tank top under their jerseys.  In trade for the uniform, they will receive a complimentary Humboldt Fastpitch t-shirt.  Also, picture discs, pre-order tournament t-shirts, and pre-order sweatshirts are available for pick up at the appropriate site spirit wear table.  Please do not forget to pick up your items before tournament end!  

Thank you so much for your participation in our FINALE Tournament.  
We look forward to working with you in 2016.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

ATTN 8U Families

It is with sincere apologies that we send you this revised 8 and under schedule.  Late last night Redwood Fastpitch notified us that two more of their teams have dropped out of the 8 and under event.  We tried once again to be the least bit disruptive to the schedule.  Please note the changes in the 8 and under schedule for Saturday.  Thank you for your patience in regards to this matter.  We look forward to a great day of softball this weekend.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Finale Tournament Info

As quickly as it seems the season started, will soon come to an end.  June 5-7 marks the Finale Tournament and the end of our RECREATIONAL softball season.  We truly hope your family has enjoyed their playing experience with us and look forward to planning out the 2016 softball season.  If any of you have positive thoughts, constructive criticisms, or anything else you would like us to know as we plan for 2016, we would appreciate hearing them!  We are also always looking for volunteers in search of making a positive contribution to our community, the sport of softball, and Humboldt Fastpitch.  If you fall into that category, please let us know!  We can ALWAYS use the help!

Please remember that even though this tournament is designed to be competitive, this is a YOUTH Sports Event and that players, coaches, and volunteers are doing their best.  Remember that in the end, this is JUST A GAME and the true value of the experience for your daughter will not be measured in the win/loss column!  Please create a positive, fun, and supportive tournament environment for all involved.  We appreciate your support!  Thank you!

 At the conclusion of your player's tournament, it is IMPERATIVE we get her uniform!  Consequently, at each tournament location, we will have a uniform and equipment table check-in. In trade for your player's uniform, each Humboldt Fastpitch player will get a complimentary Humboldt Fastpitch T-shirt to put on in place of the uniform as they exit the tournament.  And, coaches, in trade for your gear, we will give you a complimentary "Head Coach" and "Assistant Coach" shirt as a thank you for your time, effort, energy, and contribution to our organization.  This program would not be possible without your contributions!  We very much appreciate you!  :D

Information for the tournament is as follows (including 6/3/2015 emailed revisions)

8 and Under:

 2015 8u Revised Schedule.pdf (see revision posted above)
10 and Under:
12 and Under:
16 and Under:

2015 Tournament Rules:

Humboldt Fastpitch League Rules:  

Have a great day!